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Eurovision Fiction Experts Meeting 2014

Eurovision Fiction Experts Plenary and Eurovision Creative Forum Fiction

How is the TV fiction exchange between Israel-USA-Russia and Europe changing? Edgy humor travels online, which TV comedies do the same? Where do the successful Israeli fun dramas come from?

Crime series travel well as local remakes, but how tricky is this really? How does one best adapt the Dorset of Broadway Church into Corsican landscapes and turn a bridge into a tunnel? What actually works and what should absolutely not change?

Thanks to pay-TV, US drama series have found a new edginess and SVOD channels now dare to take the jump. Who dares to commission radical drama in Europe, USA, Russia and Israel? What is the young audience really looking for?

All these important issues will be discussed by international experts, experienced and upcoming TV Drama professionals who know the European, American, Israeli and Russian creative potential and markets. Besides, you will have the chance to meet with presenters, fiction delegates and invited film academy students. More details in the agenda: 2014 Programme (.PDF)

Online registration to the Eurovision Creative Days' meetings will open on 15th of May 2014.


2014 Programme (.PDF)


KALKSCHEUNE, Johannisstrasse 2, 10117 Berlin, Germany

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