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Eurovision Youth News Exchange Annual Meeting

News for kids and teens – The expertise of the Eurovision Youth News Exchange group

The Eurovision Youth News Exchange (YNE) group is part of the Eurovision News Exchanges (EVN), which permits EBU Members to exchange news items on a reciprocal basis.

How are these daily or weekly programmes, covering current affairs from the child's perspective, in a language that children can understand? How are they clarifying the context and background of world events and giving children the tools to identify with the news they are exposed to through the media?

Followed by numerous children, and often used in schools to educate the pupils to develop a greater awareness of current affairs, these magazine shows are also watched by their parents who appreciate the clear and simple explanations.

The main objective of the YNE is not to leave children unarmed in a society of communication, where information would reach them anyway, but to help them accept both "good news" and "bad news" in their vision of the world, so they are able to grow confidently into young adults.


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