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Screening: The Secret History of Eurovision

This year we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest:  60 years of great live entertainment broadcast all over the world, technological innovation and uniting Europeans through the universal language of music.

Come and join the celebration at the EBU Brussels Office, where we will be screening the newly updated documentary “The Secret History of Eurovision”. Cocktail snacks and drinks will be offered before the screening. You will also be able to check out how the anniversary edition is progressing, as EBU’s ESC aficionado Dave Goodman will give a LIVE update from Vienna on the last preparations, one night before this year’s first semi-final.

“The Secret History of Eurovision” reveals how the Eurovision Song Contest is so much more than an annual song competition. During its first years, in the mid-fifties, it was a way of uniting European nations which had been torn apart by wars and crises. It also showcased technological evolution, which was increasing fast in those times. During the Cold War eastern European countries were not allowed to participate so the Contest came to be a symbol of cultural freedom in the West and repression in the East.  When the Berlin Wall came down, new nations were born and rapidly flourished. To establish their national identity in the context of a unified European continent they were eager to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest. Through numerous new participants, growing popularity and a continuing technological innovation the Contest became what it is nowadays: the biggest live entertainment show on the planet.

Austria’s ORF, this year’s host , has produced an updated version of this documentary for the anniversary of the Song Contest. It now includes the latest developments in European society and of course the latest winners of the ESC.

To register for this event please contact Tine Dupre.


EBU Brussels Office, avenue des Arts 56, 1000 Brussels