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Eurovision Creative Forum 2015

The Eurovision Creative Forum showcases the most innovative and engaging programme formats from public service content (PSM) from Europe and beyond.

All genres

From pure entertainment to factual, from religion to education, from show to documentary, all genres can be part of the selection. It is also an opportunity to meet the creators and producers to learn more about the formats and share experiences in a friendly atmosphere.

The Forum was launched in 2006 as an opportunity for Members  to screen and showcase innovative and recent programme formats; to pool their creative potential and establish an international PSM format network,” Eurovision Head of TV Bettina Brinkmann says. “Since then, the event has increased in popularity and we are now seeking to replicate the format’s success. The creation of new categories highlights the importance winning formats play in creating balanced programming.”

The Forum is also open to PSM outside Europe, including Asia, Canada and the USA and is organized by the EBU in cooperation with ZDF, Germany, with the support of the Eurovision Formats Core Group.

An extended 2015 Eurovision Creative Forum

For this 2015 edition, the line-up of the Eurovision Creative Forum was as follows:

1. Eurovision Creative Forum (Day 1) - Monday 14 September
The first day of the Creative Forum will include several slots, showcasing innovative formats in selected genres. The genres that will be showcased in 2015 will be the following:

  • Fiction
  • Comedy
  • Digital
  • Youth/Young Audiences
  • Multiplatform

2. Eurovision Creative Forum (Day 2) - Tuesday 15 September
The second day of the Creative Forum will showcase around 20 innovative formats from all around the world.

3. Entertainment Industry Forum (Day 3) - Wednesday 16 September
For the first time we will invite 8 major international Distribution Companies to come and present their latest entertainment formats.


KALKSCHEUNE, Johannisstrasse 2 10117, Berlin, Germany




  • Watch trailers of the best new formats presented at the Creative Forum 2015