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EBU SkillsXchange workshop

We face many challenges, but getting talented people on board will create opportunities to build a better future of public service media.

Public Service Broadcasting is about people and about good stories. Our audience is at the heart of our raison-d'être, and our staff is our greatest asset to reach and engage with them.

Millennials have changed the way we understand the media and the way we tell our stories. This is a generation of digital natives and media savvies, and engaging with them involves not only to adapt to the evolving media landscape, but also to give ourselves the freedom to re-think our strategies and the art of transmedia storytelling in order to be relevant to them.

Supporting our most bright, dynamic and passionate millennial talent, and learning from them, will help public service broadcasters to address the future.  But other industries and companies are competing for the brightest young talents. What can we do to make sure that our brightest talents are happy to work with us? What values motivate them? And how can we make sure that we efficiently exchange ideas with them?

During a one-day workshop to be hosted by Google (Brussels HQ) on 22 January, the EBU Media Department would like to invite you to: 

  • Discuss with digital natives and senior managers in PSB the latest trends in storytelling and media production
  • Learn how Google attracts and engages with talent
  • Exchange ideas about how Public Service Broadcasters can build a better future for the industry
  • Discover the benefits of the recently launched EBU SkillsXchange project
  • Discover case studies from EBU Members aimed at discovering creative talent

Topics of discussion will include 

Talent – Leadership – Creativity – Innovation – Storytelling – Millennials 

Speakers will include 

  • Cilla Benko, Director General of Swedish Radio
  • Stephen Nutthall, Senior Director of Youtube Emea
  • Simon Fell, Director of EBU Technology & Innovation
  • Muirne Laffan, Chief Digital Officer, RTE Digital
  • Ezra Eeman, Head of VRT Start-up
  • Former SkillsXchangers
    ... and much more


Download the final programme (.PDF)


No fees for EBU Members.



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