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Big Data: A game changer for public service media?

It’s no secret that the media sector is increasingly looking at the potential of big data as a key element in the relationship between media and audiences.

Used appropriately, it can help public service media (PSM) to:

  • better understand audience expectations by means of calibrated audience measurement
  • develop recommendations and personalized offers
  • enrich editorial content and storytelling, and make informed programming choices

However, big data is not only about technology: there is an issue of trust. Legal requirements and advanced market development strategies need to be carefully considered if PSM is to derive benefits from using big data, rather than costs.

Crucially, big data is also a challenge for PSM’s identity and distinctiveness: how can it remain relevant for all and contribute to an inclusive society – as defined in its remit – in an environment that champions personalized services for segmented audiences? Are new management practices, mindsets, or specific skills needed?

Who it's for

The EBU would like to develop a community, bringing together delegates from across the board for the first time. Whether it is heads of digital, marketing, legal, editors or communications– we want to look at inspirational experiences, share best practices for big data media strategies and find genuine ways forward.

Day one offers delegates the opportunity to gain insight and expertise from a variety of top-level speakers.

The second day is for Members to exchange views and ideas during participative sessions.


Take a look at the Big Data Agenda to see what's in store.                  


EBU Big Data week

As part of #EBUBigData week, we are also organising the following events during the week of 21-25 March in Geneva:

EBU-RTS (Big Data) Hackathon

On 23-24 March, in connection with the conference, the EBU's Media Online team and Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) will host the EBU-RTS (Big Data) Hackathon. This will bring together data scientists, designers, developers, data journalists and other experts to build prototypes and explore new solutions for gathering and analysing information about Europe’s migration crisis. EBU members are welcome to join us for this opportunity to learn, share, network and collaborate to create meaningful data visualizations, new approaches to data journalism and data tools for the newsroom and other programming.

Academy Master Class on using data in news

The day before (21 March) this conference, the Eurovision Academy is offering a Master Class for researchers and news professionals dedicated to audience research - looking at how qualitative research is needed to complement big data in order to fully understand audiences and adapt news strategies accordingly. Join us for our "Measuring Success: Data analytics need audience research" Master Class.

Day 1 : Open/Public

Day 2 : EBU Members only


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    Day 1

  • Transforming a Media Organisation with Big Data - Robin Goad, Head of Customer Analytics, Financial Times
  • Building a market currency for video - Bas de Vos, Managing director, SKO
  • Third-party data - Pierre Nicolas Schwab, CRM Manager, RTBF
  • Measuring web emotions & opinions - Jean-Luc Jaquier, Director of Operations, Social Media Lab, EPFL
  • Generation What - Margaux Missika - Executive Producer, Upian
  • Tell the story Empower voters - Minna Rantama, Director of electoral services, ZEF and Jon Pablo Laiseca Blanco, Chief digital editor, Cadena SER
  • Do Not Track (Trailer) - Christiane Miethge - Deputy Head of Multimedia Storytelling, BR
  • Do not Track (website) - Christiane Miethge - Deputy Head of Multimedia Storytelling, BR
  • Big Data in the Media Sector - Legal challenges - Prof. Dr Patrick Van Eecke, Partner, DLA Piper Members Only
  • It’s not what we do the same... - Lucy Campbell, Marketing Director V/Digital, RTE Members Only
  • Data protection - Business risk / opportunity ? - Ludovic Levy, Big Data VP, Orange
  • Opening up myBBC - Jonathan Peachey - my BBC Head Members Only
  • Recommendation & Personalisation - Michael de Lucia - Digital media expert, RTS Members Only
  • The best personal user experience - Aleksi Rossi - Head of audience insight, YLE Members Only
  • Day 2

  • Data Journalism - How do you get started? - Marianne Bouchart, Communications Director, Global Editor Networks
  • Management and Skills for Best Use of Data - Mark Wray, Head of training, BBC Academy Members Only
  • Big data where are we? - Jean-Pierre Evain, Principal Project Manager, EBU
  • Next Steps - Guillaume Klossa - Director Public Affairs & Communications, EBU Members Only