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SkillsXchange at Radiodays Europe 2016

The EBU SkillsXchange programme is an Erasmus-style Programme for young professionals working with Public Service Broadcasters in Europe and beyond.

The EBU is proud to present in partnership with its Swedish Member Swedish Radio, its new SkillsXchange programme. Our EBU Media team will coordinate a series of programme exchanges, events and an online forum to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, know-how and ideas between young professionals working within EBU Member broadcasters.

The programme's goal is to offer the candidates an opportunity to broaden their experience and to spread fresh ideas and innovative practices by taking part in an international exchange.

During Radiodays Europe, the EBU SkillsXchangers will:

  • Produce daily stories around the event, panels, speakers, participants, the history of Radiodays Europe and the radio landscape under the supervision of the EBU Editorial Coordinator. By fostering creativity and experimenting with new ways of storytelling, the EBU SkillsXchangers will produce complementary content for Radiodays Europe's web and social media channels, in cooperation with the Candidates selected for the Radiodays Europe Next Gen 16 project.
  • In general, web and social media coverage, for a broad international audience, of Radiodays Europe 2016, producing content and iterms for social media channels and blog, media gallery, podcasts and multimedia archives of Radiodays Europe, under the supervision of the EBU Editorial Coordinator.
  • Observing Radiodays Europe's use of web and social networks to develop recommendations for new ways of storytelling around the event.
  • After Radiodays Europe 2016, each candidate will present a final report (in any format) with comments and suggestions based in his/her experience and learnings around the panels and discussions to be shared with the EBU Radio Community. Candidates might be invited to present and discuss their work in future EBU Radio expert meetings. 

The first edition of this programme took place under the frame of Prix Italia (Turin, 19-24 September). It addressed candidates interested in following, analysing, participating and reviewing the organisational process and the outcomes of one of the most important event in today's media landscape.

Participation upon invitation only.
Please contact Madiana Asseraf (asseraf@ebu.ch) for more information.


Radiodays Europe 2016, Palais des Congrès, Paris, France



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