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Digital Storytelling Labs Programme: Visit to RTS Lab

The fifth encounter of the EBU Digital Storytelling Labs programme will take place in Geneva on 7-8 November, at the kind invitation of RTS Lab and in cooperation with SRG Innovation.

EBU's Digital Storytelling Labs members work together to foster creativity and innovation in the fields of web and mobile creation, interactivity and digital storytelling. Members exchange collaborative solutions, knowledge and ideas for innovative digital products based on their own output.

In November, RTS Lab and SRG Innovation will present their structure, route map, products, workflows, lessons learned, KPIs, next steps and challenges. The host Lab presentation will be followed by a group discussion to share feedback and experiences with the network, as well as to continue defining next steps for the Network.

Since the creation of the network in June 2015, the group has had meetings and visits to RTVE Lab (Madrid), VRT Start-Up in cooperation with RTBF Interactive (Brussels), BBC Connected Studio and North Lab (Manchester) and SR Innovation (Stockholm). 

Who is the meeting for?

The meeting is open to representatives from Labs or Innovation teams from EBU Members. Representatives from the newly created labs or innovation teams within EBU Members are also welcome.

Geneva International Film Festival Tous Ecrans (Geneva, 4-12 November)

Some of you might be interested in the Festival, taking place in Geneva the week of our meeting.
More information about the event and the programme is available here.

How to register for the EBU Digital Storytelling Labs meeting

If you are joining us in Geneva, please send an e-mail to Madiana Asseraf (asseraf@ebu.ch) to confirm your participation before 14 October. Nevertheless, please confirm your participation as soon as possible: places are limited to 30 participants. 


Please send an e-mail to asseraf@ebu.ch  
Places are limited to 30 participants. 


RTS Headquarters, Quai Ernest-Ansermet 20, Case postale 234,1211 Geneva

We will start not earlier than 10:00 on 7 November, and we will finish no later than 17:00 on 8 November.