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12th Legal and Public Affairs Assembly

Legal and Policy experts representing 40 broadcasters from over 30 countries gathered in Geneva on 13-14 October for the 12th EBU Legal and Public Affairs Assembly.

Data was the main theme of Thursday's sessions. Max Schrems, co-founder of the initiative and website “europe-v-facebook.org” whose legal actions led to the landmark CJEU decision invalidating the EU/US Safe Harbour agreement in 2015 provided the keynote speech. Click here for more information on Thursday's sessions.

The EU Digital Single Market took centre stage on Friday and members had the opportunity to hear the results of ongoing discussions in the specialised EBU Groups, on the revision of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, Copyright reform, the telecoms framework and e-commerce.

The next Assembly will take place in Spain at the kind invitation of RTVE, on 6-7 April 2017.


    Day 1

  • European-US Media Policy Perspectives - Pascal Albrechtskirchinger (ZDF) Members Only
  • EU / US Privacy Shield (Schrems case) - Max Schrems Members Only
  • Big Data: Short update on EBU initiative - Eleonora Mazzoli, Anne-Catherine Berg Members Only
  • Yle and the Future after 90 Years On Air - Katri Olmo (YLE) Members Only
  • Day 2

  • Brexit: Possible impact on the AVMS sector - Konstantina Bania Members Only
  • Revision of the AVMS Directive - Jenny Weinand, Wouter Gekiere, Michael Wagner Members Only
  • Copyright reform and portability - Nicola Frank, Heijo Ruijsenaars Members Only
  • Revision of the Telecoms Framework, Spectrum and 5G - Anne-Catherine Berg, Wouter Gekiere, Nicola Frank Members Only
  • E-Commerce inquiry - Konstantina Bania Members Only