The Voice of Public Service Media

EBU Communications and RTVSLO are proud to host the next 'Voice of Public Service Media' meeting.

The meeting will take place on 27 and 28 October 2016 at the City Hotel Ljubljana, just a few steps away from RTVSLO’s headquarters.

The event will focus on the group’s key project: the launch of a pan-European marketing campaign for public service media that we hope will fundamentally change and improve attitudes to public service media in Europe.

Following a pitching process with Europe’s most creative agencies, the best concept (s) will be presented to you in Slovenia. A workshop on how to roll-out the campaign on different platforms/markets will also take place on the first day (Thursday 27 October).

On Friday 28 October, there will be elections for the vacant seat on the Steering Committee of the EBU Comms Directors Group for the remainder of the 2016-2017 mandate. The meeting ends at 1pm on Friday.

A detailed agenda will follow after the summer break once we have completed the pitching process with the creative agencies.

Our thanks go to Sabrina Povšič Štimec, Head of Public Relations at RTVSLO, for hosting and supporting with the organization of this event.



Day 1

 A marketing campaign for public service media - J. Hoban (RTÉ) & A. Faulkner  Members Only
 Pan-European Communication Campaign Proposal - Forsman & Bodenfors  Members Only

Day 2

 How do we express RTÉ's contribution to society? - J. Hoban (RTÉ)  Members Only
 Political debate about PSM - M. Romeiro (RTS)  Members Only
 Creating a meaningful narrative about Swedish Radio - H. Engqvist (SR)  Members Only
 Six things to know about the EBU - P. Vickers (EBU)  Members Only
 Radio irRelevant for youth - M. Štular (RTVSLO)  Members Only
 PSM Correlations - EBU Media Intelligence Service (MIS)  Members Only
 World TV day 2016 trailer  Members Only


Location: City Hotel Ljubljana / Slovenia



Invitation Only


City Hotel Ljubljana