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Daniel Harding serves up feast of Romantic music with Swedish RSO

Daniel Harding (photo: Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra)

British conductor Daniel Harding has chosen what he calls a "festival" of major 19th-century repertory to celebrate his 10th anniversary at the head of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Harding says: "I'm looking forward to some very special concerts this spring. […]  I have so many highlights, so many memories of all the things that we have done here over the past 10 years. But it seems to me so often that every week is the best week that we've ever done."

For the programme on 10 March Harding, a reputable Schumann connoisseur, will conduct the oratorio, Paradise and the Peri, a story from Persian mythology of a fallen angel in search of redemption.The concert will be broadcast live from Stockholm's Berwaldhallen to EBU radio Members as part of the Euroradio Premium Concerts (EURO/2016-2017/PC/050),

Another Schumann concert, recorded on 10 February and offered as a Members' Selection programme in MUS under reference SM/16/11/18/02, is the rendition by the SRSO and Harding of Scenes from Faust, Schumann's own personal take on Goethe's legendary tale.

To see a brief video with Daniel Harding talking about the two concerts, click here.

Press photos from the concert on 10 February can be found here.

For Daniel Harding's biography and press photos, click here.



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