13th Legal and Public Affairs Assembly

The 13th session of the EBU Legal and Public Affairs Assembly will take place in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) at the kind invitation of RTVE, 6-7 April 2017.

Our event in Spain will include an expert panel to debate the increase of fake news on social media sites and the risk that these, along with filter bubbles, present to media pluralism and democracy. We will bring Members up to date on EBU projects such as the Big Data Initiative and provide Members with information on the latest legislative developments at the European level in copyright, AVMS and telecoms.

This Spring we will also hold elections to the Legal and Policy Committee for a new two-year term.

The Assembly meets twice a year, bringing together Members' legal advisors and public affairs experts. It approves the annual priorities, objectives, goals, official positions and action plans in the legal and public affairs sector. It also provides a platform for exchanging and sharing information and expertise. The Assembly is open to Members and Associates of the EBU.


 Thursday, 6 April
 Fake News - Post-truth society under the lens of Science - Walter Quattrociocchi  Members Only
 Fake news - Filter bubbles and beyond - Natali Helberger  Members Only
 Fake News - Martin Gouesse, FT  Members Only
 Review of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive - Wouter Gekiere and Jenny Weinand  Members Only
 Future of the Council of Europe Convention - Michael Wagner  Members Only
 Member Updates - NRK - Olav Nyhus  Members Only
 EU Copyright Reform - Nicola Frank and Heijo Ruijsenaars  Members Only
 Telecoms Review - Anne-Catherine Berg and Wouter Gekiere  Members Only
 dot.radio promotion information - Graham Dixon  Members Only
 Friday, 7 April
 EU State Aid Rules - Konstantina Bania  Members Only
 Big Data Initiative: big data week and perspectives - Guillaume Klossa  Members Only
 Data update: GDPR and E-Privacy - Anne-Catherine Berg and Jenny Weinand  Members Only
 Swedish case - TELIA, Facebook, Zero Rating - Jimmy Ahlstrand  Members Only
 Net neutrality and zero rating - Anne-Catherine Berg, Wouter Gekiere and Hannah Grafl  Members Only


Location: Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)


Members Only

Working Languages: English, French


Hotel Parador