The EBU Creative Forum is the first annual event for screening programme formats with only public service content from Europe and beyond. The Creative Forum is not a pitching session. Every format shown has been broadcast in the country of origin.

The audience at the Forum had the chance to experience over 20 of Europe’s most recent, innovative, enthralling and touching television programmes in all genres - from pure entertainment to factual, from religion to education, from show to documentary. It is also an opportunity to meet the creators and producers to learn more about the formats and share experiences.

This unique forum offers EBU Members and organizations from other public service broadcasting unions worldwide the opportunity to exchange TV formats, share production and studio facilities, and pool their creative potential.

The Creative Forum also includes public service broadcasters from outside Europe, such as Asia, Canada and the USA. It is organized by the EBU in close cooperation with the Eurovision Formats Core Group (SVT, ZDF, RTÉ, BBC and France Télévisions).

The Creative Forum has also been the starting point for several success stories. Various formats have been adapted for other markets and awarded prizes.

At the end of this one-day event, TV professionals from all over the world are invited to elect their 3 favourite formats.

Top Three Formats 2017 (Watch the trailers above)

3rd - Five Days Inside - NRK 

In this factual documentary series, a reporter moves into different institutions for five days. Through staying inside both day and night, the reporter gets a unique insight into places like a high security prison; a centre for asylum seekers; rehab; a nursing home and a treatment centre for eating disorders. 

2nd - Sorry About That - VRT

What if every event, every encounter in your life, were part of a game you didn't know anything about? Over the course of 30 days a team of TV professionals takes over a person's life without them knowing, as one ordinary, unsuspecting person is brought into extraordinary situations and filmed by hidden cameras.

1st - The Institute - NTR

100 people are locked up as two slightly sadistic scientists are let loose at all kinds of experiments with these human lab rats. Is it possible to measure if someone is gay? Could you see if someone is racist if played a real-life version of Call of Duty? Its research into subjects you’ve always been wondering about, never even knew you wondered about and some that had better been left uninvestigated.


Sessions will be held at Akademie der Künste:
Pariser Platz 4, 10117 Berlin, Germany

The social events taking place on 18 and 19 September will be at Sage and Axica


Early-bird rate until 18 May 2017: EUR 299
As of 19 May 2017: EUR 399 

This fee includes your participation in the welcome drink (18 September / Sage) both conference days (19 and 20 September /  Akademie Der Künste) + 2 lunches + the Creative Forum Award and Rose d’Or Ceremony (19 September / Axica).