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Agile Newsroom Sarajevo

Participants from the Sarajevo Agile Newsroom discuss why the event is so important

Sarajevo hosted the second Eurovision Social Newswire Agile Newsroom between 13 - 15 June. 

Under the hashtag #EBUagile, the free 3-day event saw journalists from EBU Members assemble to form a collaborative eyewitness media newsroom - working together to discover, verify and clear the most engaging social media content from the real-time web.

Not just a verification tool, but a community

The Eurovision Social Newswire is not just a verification tool, but a community. An EBU member-wide community of over 700 journalists, editors, producers and fact checkers, working together to discover verify and clear content for broadcast and online social presences.

No powerpoints, keynotes or lectures - this is work!

While many conferences involve powerpoints, keynotes, and Q&A sessions, the Eurovision Agile Newsroom broke the mould in favour of an interactive learning and working experience. A fully functional working newsroom. No lectures, no speeches - just good old fashioned (well, modern) journalism.
The event also saw a knowledge and skill sharing between Members while working in a real-time newsroom environment to deliver content for not only the Eurovision Social Newswire but also their own home organisation.

With the support of Slack and Dataminr

Supporting this initiative were teams from Slack and Dataminr, who were on hand to provide technical support and advice, but whom will also show how both of these tools can help your newsroom.

Acquire the most engaging content from the real-time web

The Eurovision Agile Newsroom is the perfect platform for journalists to upskill themselves in a meaningful and practical way, but also a great opportunity to see first-hand how integrating your newsroom with the Eurovision Social Newswire can help your team acquire the most engaging content from the real-time web.




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