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25th Radio Assembly

The EBU Radio Committee Chairman, Graham Ellis, and the EBU Head of Radio, Graham Dixon, are delighted to welcome you to the Radio Assembly in Sofia, kindly hosted by Bulgarian National Radio.  

The Radio Assembly will meet on 11-12 April. On the evening of 10 April at 19:30, there will be a short concert and welcoming reception.  Please try and arrive during Wednesday afternoon.

Elections for the EBU Radio Committee will take place at 14:00 on the Friday afternoon. More details will follow. For the moment, please ensure that you book your flights to be present for these elections. Your voice is important in shaping the future radio activities of the EBU.

The EBU Radio Assembly is the unique meeting place for senior leaders in the world of public radio. Our public media sector constantly faces new challenges, in various areas of activity, but at the same time new opportunities present themselves for deepening the relationship with audiences. Colleagues are constantly devising new and inspiring ways of interpreting and fulfilling the public service mission, and they will be sharing their insights.

The Radio Assembly Agenda is shaped around issues raised by Members and seeks to provide fresh thinking to inform Member development. We will be concentrating on:

  • younger audiences and their needs
  • how PSM measures success
  • impartiality in a changing world
  • reaching audiences through latest technologies

In addition to the regular reports on the EBU radio and music activities, there will be a chance to discuss the new EBU strategy and hear about the developing vision for the Union.


Wednesday, 10 April

Location: BNR, Dragan Tzankov Boulevard 4, 1040 Sofia
14:00-17:00 EBU Radio Committee 
19:30-20:00  Concert 
20:00-21:30 Welcoming cocktail

Day 1 – Thursday, 11 April

Location: National Palace of Culture (NDK), Bulgaria Square 1, 1000 Sofia | Hall 7 (access using the main entrance, in front of the fountains)
08:30-09:00 Registration - Hall 7 
09:00-13:00 Morning Session 
13:00-14:30 Lunch 
14:30-17:00 Afternoon Session 
17:30  End of Day 1
19:00 Official dinner National Museum of History,  Ul. Vitoshko lale 16, 1404 Boyana, Sofia | Option for visiting some of the unique collections.

Day 2 – Friday, 12 April

Location: National Palace of Culture (NDK), Bulgaria Square 1, 1000 Sofia | Hall 7 (access using the main entrance, in front of the fountains)

09:00-13:00  Morning Session 
13:00-14:00  Lunch 
14:00-15:45 Elections 
16:00  End of Day 2
16:45-18:30 City sightseeing with tour guides starting from National Museum of History, Ul. Vitoshko Iale 16, 1404 Boyana, Sofia 




 Media Department Update - Jean Philip De Tender  Members Only
 EBU Radio Update: Work Plan, Priorities and Events - Graham Dixon  Members Only
 Keynote: Developing the EBU Strategy - Noel Curran  Members Only
 Radio Developments in Bulgaria - Alexander Velev  Members Only
 Music Workplan and 20 Years Eurosonic - Pascale Labrie  Members Only
 Delivering the Truth - Vanessa O'Connor  Members Only
 Edelman Trust Barometer - Antoine Harary  Members Only
 Reporters without Borders - Christophe Deloire  Members Only
 Reporters without Borders - Christophe Deloire
 Delivering the Truth - Cilla Benko  Members Only
 EBU Radio Knowedge Hub - David Fernández Quijada  Members Only
 EBU Radio Knowledge Hub - David Fernández Quijada
 Measuring Success for Public Radio - Gabriel Bystrom  Members Only
 Distribution and Cars - Ben Poor  Members Only
 Distribution and Cars - Ben Poor
 Distribution and Cars - Ben Poor
 Distribution - JP Coakley  Members Only
 Securing the Future - Helwin Lesch  Members Only
 Securing the Future - Paolo Casagranda  Members Only
 Digital Transformation - Ezra Eeman  Members Only
 Innovation Fund: Synthi on the Web - Ksenija Stevanovic  Members Only
 Synthi on the Web_22.1 - Ksenija Stevanovic
 Synthi on the Web_22.2 - Ksenija Stevanovic
 Looking into Youth and Radio - David Fernández Quijada  Members Only
 Strengthening the Audio Offer for Younger Audiences - Siobhan McMenemy  Members Only
 YleX - Hanne Kautto  Members Only
 Young Audiences - Hanne Kautto
 Innovation Fund - Lisette Elstgeest
 Digital Transformation - Tinatin Berdzenishvili
 Young Audiences - Sharid Alles
 Young Audiences - Mirko Stular


Location: Sofia

Date: 11 - 12 Apr 2019

Register by: 10 Mar 2019

Members only

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National Palace of Culture (NDK)
Bulgaria Square 1
Sofia 1000, Bulgaria


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Graham Dixon
Head of Radio
+41 22 717 2178