The EBU Creative Forum is the annual event for screening programme formats with only public service content from Europe and beyond. The Creative Forum is not a pitching session. Every format shown has been broadcast in the country of origin.

This unique forum offers EBU Members and organizations from other public service broadcasting unions worldwide the opportunity to exchange TV formats, share production and studio facilities, and pool their creative potential.

The Creative Forum also includes public service broadcasters from outside Europe, such as Asia, Canada and the USA. It is organized by the EBU in close cooperation with the Eurovision Formats Core Group (SVT, ZDF, RTÉ, BBC, NOS and France Télévisions).


Congratulations to LTV and NRK!

3RD - Ridiculously Smart - NRK

A Norwegian comedian has to learn a scientific topic, by a top scientist. But after five days she must put on a stand-up show about this theme. The topic is a disease that is a great threat to all kinds of deer. All the reindeers in one mountain area have been killed by government hunters - on the request of this scientist. The comedian must travel to these mountains - with the scientist - and perform her show among the angry local population.

2ND - Top Ten - NRK

A brand new music game show, hosted by a pop star, in which two teams of two celebrities compete to uncover the top ten hits of a given year. Answers are revealed through a mix of questions and challenges that get harder as the show progresses The top ten hits will be played throughout, culminating in a special performance of that year's biggest hit by a special guest A musical trip down memory lane with great family play-along potential – how many can you guess correctly?

1ST - Escape Room Latvia - LTV

Tired of election discussions, interviews and statistics? Investigative journalists from Latvian Television put parties and politicians in an escape room to reveal their true face, communication skills and knowledge about facts and history. Do they know what is the minimum wage and can they act fast and precisely in a stressful situation? Extraordinary, entertaining and surprisingly revealing.

Pictures of the 2019 EBU Creative Days

Formats showcased during the 2019 EBU Creative Forum


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