Kids Content Group COVID-19 Roundtable: Educational Content After The Crisis

A great deal of outstanding, innovative educational content was launched in response to the schools' closure during the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year, with a huge amount of resources dedicated to it.

How are PSM organizations going forward with their educational content? Will it be maintained even after the lockdown period? What back-up plans does the EBU Kids community have in the event that schools are shut down again this autumn? And how can we make sure we build on what we have learnt and on our successes during the COVID-19 crisis such that we remain the educational partners of choice for our local-market stakeholders?

For this first Kids Group roundtable after the summer break, the discussion will include plans for future educational content and back-to-school strategies.

Speakers will be announced soon.





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Head of Business Development and Young Audiences
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