HR and Academy Assembly

The HR & Academy Assembly 2020 will focus on people, our people.

What were the impacts and consequences of the Covid-19 crisis on our professionals? How did managers lead their teams and successfully respond to the Covid-19 Crisis? How did HR departments transform themselves? How were innovative online learning solutions brought to staff?

Our broadcast organizations had emergency and crisis plans to address worst case scenarios but they were impacted with unprecedented challenges when all teams were sent home to work, with production being stopped or done remotely.
The Assembly will share insights and learnings on how PSM can maintain business continuity, broadcast good programmes and meet audience satisfaction while motivating teams and protecting people. Beyond the current times, what will be the future of work in our media houses and how can we build successful journeys?




Register by: 02 Oct 2020



Working Languages: English

Contact detail

Nathalie Labourdette
Head of EBU Academy
+41 22 717 21 46
Frederic Frantz
Business Training Manager
+41 22 717 21 48
Kim Wuethrich-Pham
HR Specialist, People Performance & Development

+41 22 717 2332