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Social Media Coffee Break: Thoughts, experiences and insights on Twitch and Clubhouse

Imagine meeting your colleagues at the coffee machine in the office (sounds weird, right?) and starting to chat about Clubhouse, this new app that everyone is talking about but you haven’t been able to explore yet because it’s by invite only. Your colleague, however, has somehow managed to get it and has some interesting insight to share with you about it (spoiler: she doesn’t think it lives up to the hype).

Guess what, in the age of “everything virtual”, we’re going to make this happen for you! All you need to do is join our very first "Social Media Coffee Break". Consider this as a virtual coffee and chat with your colleagues from all over Europe that will happen on Zoom rather than in the breakout area of the office.

In this informal get-together we will share experiences and insight around social media topics and this first session will be about new and new-ish platforms: thoughts, experiences and insight on Clubhouse and Twitch. If this sounds like a cool idea to you, make sure to register for the session here and save the date in your calendar.

Some of the questions we will be addressing:

  • Should public broadcasters be on Clubhouse? (And, if so, how do you get an invite?)
  • Is Twitch interesting for content that is not gaming or e-sport?
  • Is it true that Clubhouse is not really good when it comes to complying with data protection laws?
  • Any experience in using Twitch for news or entertainment?

There will be no slides shared: only a friendly chat with colleagues! If there is anything specific that you would like to discuss during this meeting, feel free to email Stefano Salucci in advance so that your questions can be brought up as discussion points during the meeting.