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VOD Workshops: Audience engagement

Cristian Dina / Pexels

As audiences increasingly choose to consume content online via streaming platforms and video-on-demand (VOD) players, more ways to interact and engage with audiences are becoming increasingly necessary. 

We're delighted to kick off the 2021 VOD Workshop Series with three presentations looking at audience interaction on streaming platforms and other digital assets. We'll be hearing from two teams responsible for creating ways to engage with audiences while they're consuming proprietary PSM content. And we'll be asking: How does this work? How was it built? And what are some of the results?

We'll be joined by:

  • NPO (Netherlands), presenting their Watch Together feature
  • Yle (Finland), presenting their Live Chat feature
  • SVT (Sweden), presenting their SVT Duo app

More details to follow. Registration is open to EBU Members and Associate Members.


  • SVT Duo App - Peter Wissmar (SVT) Members Only
  • Yle Live Chat - Riika Latti and Teemu Tammilehto (Yle) Members Only
  • NPO Watch Together (Samen) - Egon Verharen (NPO) Members Only