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Radio: Science In The Spotlight

©Brian McGowan/Unsplash

The EBU Radio unit and the Culture Group are delighted to introduce a new webinar series to explore the opportunities and challenges in the cultural radio sector. This series around specific topics will take place online 2-3 times per year. We invite you to join us!

This webinar series will kick off with a session on scientific programmes where we'll discuss the place of science on the radio. Throughout this one-hour discussion, the speakers aim to inspire, share experiences and ideas, but also raise issues and challenges faced over the past years, including COVID-19.


Mattias Hermansson, chair of the Culture group and project manager at Swedish Radio, will introduce the main ideas and challenges, the role of science on radio and its limits.

Deborah Cohen, Head of BBC Radio Science, will then discuss the evolution of science programmes on radio over the last decade, people’s growing interest as well as the impact of the pandemic.

Anna Buckley and Alexandra Feachem, BBC Producers will respectively present The Life Scientific and The Infinite Monkey Cage programmes.

To conclude, an open question and answer session will be moderated by Mattias.


Mattias Hermansson

Project Manager, SR (Sweden)

Deborah Cohen

Head of BBC Radio Science, BBC (United Kingdom)

Anna Buckley

Producer, BBC (United Kingdom)

Alexandra Feachem

Producer, BBC (United Kingdom)


  • Speaker Bios
  • The News Sounds of Science on BBC Radio - Deborah Cohen Members Only
  • The Life Scientific - BBC - Anna Buckley Members Only
  • The Infinite Monkey Cage - BBC - Alexandra Feachem Members Only