A European Perspective Workshop

‘A European Perspective’, is a new collaborative news service that enables audiences to access content from other countries through a curated online feed. It allows 10 EBU members to select and publish each other's content on their website.

This is the result of the European Recommendation Box project, which entered its public-facing phase on 1 July. Read our press release.

Over 75 minutes, we hope to quell your curiosity, guide you around 'A European Perspective' features, give you a feel of the recommendation boxes' potential, share some user experiences and answer all your questions.

If you are curious about how 'A European Perspective' looks live, you can check the participating Members' websites listed below: 



Register by: 08 Sep 2021


Members Only

Contact detail

Luis Jimenez
News External Relations Manager & Digital News Lead
+41 22 717 28 50
Justyna Kurczabinska
Senior Editor of News Strategy and Development
Yolène Johanny
News Governance and Administration Manager

Video Talks

Luis Jimenez, News External Relations Manager & Digital News Lead Liz Corbin, EBU Deputy Media Director & Head of News Eric Scherer, European Recommendation Box Core Working Group Co-chair (FTV)