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Radio Ensemble Seminar 2022

Radio France/Christophe Abramowitz

The 2022 EBU Radio Ensemble Seminar took place in Paris on 24 and 25 March, at the kind invitation of Radio France’s Music and Creation Department.

Putting together an agenda that is inspirational, big on ‘quick win’ ideas and knowledge-focused requires your contribution. We would like to warmly thank all colleagues who have given this exercise time and thoughts, including all members of the Radio Ensemble Group. Thank you also to all delegates closely involved with the content of this programme.

We take this opportunity to thank each person from Radio France’s Music and Creation Department whose contribution has been key in making this event possible: Michel Orier (Director) and Nicolas Mathieu (principal private secretary to Michel Orier), as well as Jean-Marc Bador (General Delegate, Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France), Johannes Neubert (General Delegate, Orchestre National de France) and Jean-Baptiste Henriat (General Delegate, Chœur de Radio France). Warm thanks as well to Chrystele Vinot (International Music Exchange, Radio France).



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