AIDI Spotlight on RTVE's AI work

In this edition of the AIDI Spotlight, Spanish public service broadcaster RTVE will showcase their work with AI and data. More information will follow shortly.

AIDI Spotlights are Members-only sync calls, in which each month a Member organization is put under the spotlight.

This session will cover the following AI-based projects and topics at RTVE:

  • Metadata
  • Subtitles
  • Content creation
  • Automatic text generation
  • Voice synthesis
  • Content analysis
  • Hiperia project and the use of Stable Diffusion, Chat GPT and other generative AI technologies
  • Iveres: Identification, Verification and Response - a Spanish fact-checking project 

Please contact Lalya Gaye for more information about how to register, if you are not already an AIDI member.



Register by: 27 Mar 2023


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