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Kids Content Pitching Session

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Join us for the special kids content pitching session, focused on animation programmes for kids, and learn more about the following projects:

Akesi and the Congo River (TALES): A three-part, animated docu-fiction series following the coming-of-age adventures of Akesi, an 8-year-old Congolese boy struggling with the loss of his brother. Akesi explores the topics of grief, trust, and bravery with the help of the enchanted Congo River and his family's trusted totem animal: a playful gecko. On his journey, he learns about his ancestral history, local mythologies, and the surrounding ecosystems through important and engaging life lessons. The series was fully created in five different languages: English, French, German, Lingala and Dutch, each with a notable host.

The series has been running the kid's festival circuit since October 2022 and it has so far won prizes at the international Kids'n'Film Festival, Sydney Web Fes, International Film Festival The Hague, Royal Society of Television Motion Picture Awards, Accolate Global Film Competition. The series has also been nominated at the Goethe Science and Film Festival, Kids First Film Festival and AniMate - Australia Animation Film Festival, among others.

Learn more about the series on their website, and watch the trailer.

The team is looking for distribution. They believe the environmental awareness, empathy and other values brought to light in Akesi's trilogy are of extreme value for children and families around the world. Therefore, they would like the series to travel the globe as much as possible, sparking connections and conversations.

MEGA-PALS (20STM Pictures and RTBF): What if, 66 million years ago, the asteroid that hit the Yucatan Peninsula and led to the extinction of the dinosaurs, had avoided the earth? And what if, since then, all living beings had evolved together? In the alternate reality of MEGA-PALS, humans and prehistoric creatures have learned to live side-by-side, even in modern times. It is in this world that a hyperactive 11-year-old girl, Camille, saves a Megatherium, a giant slow-moving sloth, 6 meters long and weighing 4 tons! They will become, against all odds, inseparable and "MEGA-PALS"! MEGA-PALS (26x7, ages 6-10) is currently being developed by Belgium-based 20stm Pictures and RTBF. It will be a fantasy-comedy with a mix of Live-Action, CGI and animatronics, to give the creatures Jurassic Park quality but with the small-town, warm feeling of an episode of Lassie.

Take a look at the project's Bible and watch the teaser.

The team is looking for  Pre-Buy of Rights, Co-Financing, and Co-Production and is open to hearing about any potential collaboration.

BeddyByes (JAM Media): BeddyByes takes young children on a playful, yet soothing journey towards bedtime. BeddyByes is a new and innovative format for preschoolers. Designed specifically to take young children on a gentle, undulating journey that reinforces the familiar evening to the bedtime routine. Join MeMo and BaBa as they encounter all kinds of fantastical beings that encourage good nutrition, mindfulness and creativity, all the while winding down towards sleep.

The team is looking for presales to close the financing.