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Documentary Experts Meeting and Pitching Sessions

© Ian Kelsall/Unsplash

The 2023 Spring edition of the EBU Documentary Experts meeting and pitching sessions will take place in Munich at Amerikahaus (Karolinenpl. 3) on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 May 2023 in the framework of Dok.fest Munich, at the kind invitation of ARD/BR and Documentary Campus.

This time, we’re aiming at making this event even more inspirational than usual by adding more time for keynotes and discussions. Over two special sessions curated and moderated by AC COPPENS/The Catalysts, we'll focus on Audience behaviour and look into “what it takes to create a documentary the audience wants to see” and “the ways to make sure your documentary is the one being picked up out of the huge amount of offers available nowadays”. 

We will also have our pitching sessions running (for both Big 5 and regular projects).

Agenda overview

Download the detailed agenda here

Thursday 4 May: 09:00 - 17:30 Discussions and pitches

  • Inspirational session (Documentary Campus)
  • EBU update including BIG 5/EDDS
  • Big 5 Pitches
    • Gigolo for Jesus (ARD/BR)
    • The New FIFA (DR) Confidential
    • Saving the World in Four Steps (ZDF/ARTE)
    • Agents (ZDF/ARTE)
    • The Dawn of the Post-Plantation (VPRO)
    • Turning Point  The New World Order (ZDF/ARTE)
    • ABBA  Against the Odds (SVT)
  • Group dinner

Friday 5 May: 9:00 - 17:00 Pitches and discussions

  • Documentary Pitches
    • Algorythm of Evil, The Sky ECC Case (RTBF)
    • Democracy Noir (DR)
    • The Compromise (ARTE GEIE)
    • The Emptied Seas (SVT)
    • Pickers  Our Daily Fruit and Vegetables (ARD/WDR)
    • Cargo: In the Galleys of Globalization (FRANCE TV)
    • Four Brothers (VRT)
    • The Other Side (ARD/NDR)  Confidential
    • Queens of Joy (ARTE GEIE)
    • Dezo Hoffmann  Photographer of the Beatles (CTV)
    • Vanunu – The Silenced Man (KAN)
    • Tito, the West’s Favourite Dictator (HRT)
    • The Srebrenica Tape (ARD/RBB)
  • Inspirational session (Documentary Campus)

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Meeting venue

Amerikahaus, Karolinenpl. 3, 80333 München