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AI for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

In this special 90-minute session, you will learn how Artificial Intelligence helps EBU Members monitor diversity within their organisations and reach broader audiences.

Presentations will include:

  • Media Catch, an AI tool used by DR to monitor diversity in its News bulletins, and how it has improved gender and age balance in their content.
  • Telediario fácil, an AI tool developed by RTVE in collaboration with the Spanish Centre for Cognitive Accessibility, to generate simplified news reports presented by an avatar, for people with learning disabilities. This project is due to be implemented in 2024 for the main daily news bulletins, and for other news content in a second phase. This project has a wide scope, it could be extended to elderly audiences with dementia, young audiences, foreign language communities, and neurodiverse audiences. 


Lars Damgaard Nielsen

CEO and co-founder, MediaCatch.io (Denmark)

Marie Ernst Holmberg

Senior Project Manager, Diversity & Accessibility, DR (Denmark)

Laura Feyto Alvarez

Head of the Accessibility Unit, RTVE

Teresa Muñoz Guerra

Equality Diversity Technical Officer, RTVE (Spain)

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  • Innovation in Accessibility: RTVE's new system for adapting news to easy comprehension - RTVE Members Only
  • MediaCatch - DiversityCatch - MediaCatch Members Only
  • DR Diversity working with AI - DR Members Only