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Innovation in Digital News: PSA and AEP

In 2023, four million people read the stories featured in A European Perspective (AEP), a news offering widget created by public service media organisations in collaboration with Eurovision News and EBU T&I. The widget presents original news stories from other participants to their online audiences, bringing a unique perspective from other corners of Europe.

The AEP editors in our networked newsroom are the operational force behind this pioneering cross-border European project. Assisted by the latest technology in AI-powered translation and content recommendation, they select and curate dozens of articles daily, making them accessible to their partners and, ultimately, readers across Europe.

This workshop invites these editors to celebrate their achievements and explore new paths for growth. It will also expand on their groundwork to establish the editorial basis of a public service algorithm.

In this regard, they will explore how public service values can be translated into the digital world and what are the critical elements of a news story that make it resonate with audiences.

The meeting is divided into two parts:

  • PART 1 (March 19, 12:00-18:00): The Public Service Algorithm workshop. Open to all EBU members.
  • PART 2 (March 20, 08:30-17:00): The Editorial Meeting of AEP editors. By invitation only.

If you are not yet a participant in either project but want to be informed about the developments or results, please contact us.

We look forward to seeing you at Eurovision News Rome.


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