Mark your calendars for the upcoming 34th Sports Assembly! This highly anticipated event will bring together top executives from across the EBU membership to discuss the current state and future of sports broadcasting. This Assembly promises to be a platform for thought leaders in the industry to share insights, debate challenges, and propose innovative solutions in the ever-evolving world of sports media. From emerging trends and technologies to ethical issues and policy changes, the Assembly aims to be a hub of ideas shaping the future of sports broadcasting. 


Avala Resort and Villas, Budva.

Fill out this form to book your accommodation and send it to Andjela Trajkovic.

Practical information

Nearest airports:

  • Tivat (40 min drive to Budva): ca. 35 EUR with a taxi
  • Podgorica (1h drive to Budva): ca. 60 EUR with a taxi
  • Dubrovnik (2h10 min drive to Budva). ca. 140 EUR with a taxi

Driving to Budva from all three airports is a common destination meaning taxi fees are relatively stable. NB: Make sure you have cash, as card payments are not always available!

Avala Resort and Villas have also offered to help arrange transfers for you. If that’s your preference, make sure to fill out the 'Transfer booking' section of this form.


Hotel Avala Resort & Villas

7RHP+C3G Budva