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EBU Academy Committee

The EBU Academy Committee is an elected body representing the training and development activities of the EBU’s Membership. The current committee was elected during the last EBU Academy Assembly (October 2018) and serves a 2-year term.

It has the key role of providing support, expertise and advice to EBU Academy with a view to caring for the validity, relevance, value and impact of the activities managed by this unit and devoted to EBU Members.

The Committee organizes and sets the agenda for the annual EBU Academy Assembly which offers talent and development managers, chief learning officers, heads of international relations and human resources and strategy and change managers the opportunity to network and to exchange views about the development of media professionals.

By setting the agenda for the annual gathering, the EBU Academy Committee aims to help shape concrete avenues for successful and relevant public media organizations and promote high standards at all levels of public service broadcasting.

Group documents

  • Guidelines for EBU Members on Representation & Inclusion on EBU Committees

Group members

Frédéric Olivier


Chair of EBU Academy

Christina Johannesson

Project manager Future Competencies, SVT

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Daniela Pomo


Eduard Traian Nicolau


Brigitta Nickelsen

Radio Bremen

Jean Chretien

Nela Gudelj


Gurdip Bhangoo

BBC Academy

Andreas Heindl


Mohammad Abu Soufeh


Irena Lazarova


Community events

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