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Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee organizes regular events for human resources directors and managers across the EBU Membership. This includes an annual assembly, webinars, conference calls, surveys, project groups, exchanges of HR professionals, research and social media activity.

The committee consists of 6-8 elected members that can be re-elected twice for a maximum of 6 years in total. There is a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson and committee members need to reflect the diversity and equity principles of the EBU. Decisions are made by a simple majority, a quorum being set at 50% participation. In the case of parity, the Chairperson’s vote prevails.

The group meets regularly, either virtually or in-person at the Geneva headquarters or a remote location. Through discussions and proposals from its members, the committee defines, in collaboration with the EBU Human Resources team, the theme and agenda of the next Human Resources Assembly and identifies speakers.

Committee documents

  • Bye-laws relating to Elections and Voting Members Only
  • Guidelines for EBU Members on Representation & Inclusion on EBU Committees

Committee members

Kurt Schumacher


ARD/WDR (Germany)

Eija Hakakari


Yle (Finland)

Hugo Rosado

RTP (Portugal)

Christine Thiran

RTBF (Belgium)

Tamara Shubladze

Head of Human Resources, GBP (Georgia)

Trevor Ó Clochartaigh

TG4 (Ireland)

Hildur Sigurðardóttir

RÚV (Iceland)

Gunel Osmanova

Ictimai (Azerbaijan )

Monica Parenti


CBC (Canada)

Community events

Group meetings