Sport Committee

The Sport Committee is elected during the Sport Assembly. It works to develop and share best practices, media knowledge and expertise in sports rights, production, news gathering and distribution. It also assists in steering the strategic direction.

The current Sport Committee was elected during the 2019 25th EBU Sport Assembly and serves a two year term until the Sport Assembly of 2021.

The Chair and the four Vice Chairs of the Sport Committee perform the same function in the Sport Assembly.

Voting Procedure Members Only

Group Members

ExBo representative

Petr Dvorak (CT) 


Runar Østmo (NRK)

Vice Chairs

Yolanda Garcia Cuevas (TVE)
Jan Olsson (SVT)
Marek Szkolnikowski (TVP)
Natalia Tolkacheva (RTR)


Michael Amsinck (ZDF)
Dávid Székely (MTVA)
Richard Armstrong (BBC)
Adrian Boss (SSR)
Pavel Bulatski (BTRC)
Vladimir Drbohlav (CT)
Pier Francsco Forleo (RAI)
Christa Kurzweil (ZDF)
Frédéric Prallet-Dujols (FT)
Laurent-Eric Le Lay (FT)
Declan McBennet (RTE)
David Naert (VRT)
Richard Parkes (BBC)
Maria Cristina Sandor (RAI)
Michaela Wulfers (ARD)
Adrian Fikentscher (ARD)

Contact detail

Jerome Bermont
Head of Business Affairs and Finance