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The Finance Group is an expert group which reports directly to the Executive Board.

Its function is to undertake on behalf of the Executive Board, a detailed scrutiny of EBU financial matters as set out in the Terms of Reference. The Executive Board decides upon the number of members of the Finance Group, specifies or extends its remit and appoints its Chairman and members. The Chairman of the Finance Group participates in meetings of the Audit Committee and of the Sport Investment Board and possibly other Expert Groups in an advisory capacity.

The Finance Group is appointed by the Executive Board and comprises a maximum of six finance professionals, including the Chairman, holding senior financial positions in their organisations.

Group members


Jean Copsidas (FT)


Neil Ashton (BBC)
Tarik Baali (SNRT)
Paolo Biffani (RAI)
Albrecht Bischoffshausen (ARD)
David Brincil (CT)
Roger Meyer (SRG/SSR)
Ioannis Neophytou (CyBC)

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Group meetings

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