Euroradio Jazz Orchestra

Hendrika Entzian, conductor of the 2022 Euroradio Jazz Orchestra
Hendrika Entzian, conductor of the 2022 Euroradio Jazz Orchestra

Every year, the EBU Jazz Producers put together a European jazz big band under the name of the Euroradio Jazz Orchestra (EJO), a project that can trace its roots back to 1965. Each EBU Member may send one musician under age 30 to perform in public with the EJO, with two Euroradio Public Jazz Concerts organized by the host broadcaster. At least one concert is always recorded by the EBU host broadcaster, who is responsible for the rehearsals as well as its logistical and promotional planning.

The next edition of the EJO will take place in October 2022, in Cologne, at the kind invitation of WDR (Germany). Conducted by Hendrika Entzian, the orchestra will perform on 21 October in Essen (Folkwang University) and on 22 October in Cologne (Stadtgarten).

2022 List of musicians

Amalie Dahl

Alto Sax, Clarinet NRK (Norway)

Allan Kaljaste

Alto Sax, Flute ERR (Estonia)

Nela Dusová

Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax Czech Radio 

Victor Fox

Tenor Sax, Clarinet WDR (Germany)

Kira Linn

Baritone Sax, Bass Clarinet

WDR (Germany)

Pascal Klewer

Lead Trumpet

WDR (Germany)

Valdemar Kusan

Trumpet HRT (Croatia)

Sonja Ott

Trumpet SRF (Switzerland)

Vid Sketa

Trumpet RTVS (Slovenia)

Ebba Åsman

Trombone Swedish Radio

Matthias Bernsteiner

Trombone ORF (Austria)

Vadim Dimitrijev

Trombone Latvian Radio

Kristine Oppegaard

Bass Trombone SRF (Switzerland)

Johannes Granroth

Guitar YLE (Finland)

Domas Žeromskas

Piano LRT (Lithuania)

Lena Aubert

Bass Radio France

Romarna Campbell

Drums BBC (United Kingdom)


2022 Euroradio Jazz Orchestra – Details
2022 Euroradio Jazz Orchestra – Regulations



Target age
Under 30

Year of production

Every year

Proposed by
Euroradio Jazz Producers

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Laurent Marceau
Editor, Live Music & Projects, Popular Music
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