NEWS published on 13 Dec 2011

2011 New Talent Competition

Tracing its origins back to the International Forum of Young Performers (IFYP/TIJI) founded in 1969 in the presence of Sir Yehudi Menuhin, “New Talent” is a European competition for young musicians organized by the EBU on behalf of UNESCO and the International Music Council (IMC). It aims to encourage and promote young musicians through radio by the organization of public concerts broadcast by EBU Member organizations.

Since 2003, the “New Talent” Competition has taken place in Bratislava (Slovakia), jointly organized by Slovak Radio and the Slovak Philharmonic-Bratislava Music Festival.

After the first round, the jury - made up of the following members: Alina Velea - Chairwoman (ROROR); Markéta Vejvodová (CR); Dorothea Enderle (SWR); László Terdik (MR); Marco Mauceri (RAI); Mário Košík (RTVS) and Evert van Berkel (SR) - selected the following eight candidates (in alphabetical order by last name):

  •     Elina Buksa, violin, Latvia (LR)
  •     Miguel Colom, violin, Spain (CAT)
  •     Karol Danis, violin, Slovak Republic (RTVS)
  •     Krzysztof Garstka, harpsichord, Poland (PR)
  •     Ivett Gyöngyösi, piano, Hungary (MR)
  •     Jan Mrácek, violin, Czech Republic (CR)
  •     Kiril Stoyanov, percussion, Bulgaria (BNR)
  •     Balázs Tóth, trumpet, Hungary (MR) 

These eight semi-finalists gave two public chamber music concerts in Bratislava on Friday, 2 December 2011. These concerts were offered to EBU Members for live broadcast as part of the "pink offer" music exchanges. After the second round, the jury selected the following three finalists pictured below (in order of appearance during the final concert):

  •     Kiril Stoyanov, percussion, Bulgaria
  •     Karol Danis, violin, Slovakia
  •     Ivett Gyöngyösi, piano, Hungary


On Monday, 5 December 2011 at 19.05 GMT, the final concert featured three concertos with orchestra performed by the finalists. The live concert was relayed by 14 radio stations and heard by approx. 3.1 million listeners.

The jury then named the 2011 "New Talent": Ivett Gyöngyösi, piano, Hungary. We wish her the brilliant career she deserves.