NEWS published on 21 Dec 2012

Why High Frame Rates are hot

As organizations like the EBU, SMPTE and the ITU investigate the TV formats that will follow HDTV, one of the concepts that comes up regularly is High Frame Rate video. The idea is that by using frame rates above the 50 or 60 frames per second currently used for television, we could improve the quality of the pictures and thus the experience for the viewer. But how exactly does a higher frame rate help? Why did director Peter Jackson choose to use double the normal frame rate for cinema (48frames per second instead of 24) to shoot his new movie The Hobbit?

In the newest video in the David Wood on... series, the EBU's former deputy technical director uses a Lego windmill, a flashlight and an upturned bicycle to explain the benefits that High Frame Rate video will bring in future.


EBU Members that want to find out more about High Frame Rates and other technologies that will enhance the viewing experience in future can join the BeyondHD project group. (The group is also open to some non-members, although some restrictions may apply.) For more information contact the EBU Technology & Innovation Department: