NEWS published on 26 Nov 2015

EBU examines future platform regulation in expert workshop

EBU examines future platform regulation in expert workshop
1st row: M. Wagner, J. Metzdorf, M. Cole, P. Valcke; 2nd row: R. Mastroianni, T. Gibbons, D. Dörr, M. Puppis, R. Foster, C. Marsden.

Experts and Representatives of EBU Members met in Geneva on Wednesday 25 November, to debate what kind of rules - national or European -  would constitute an appropriate framework for audiovisual media platforms.

Moderated by Professor Mark Cole (University of Luxembourg/EMR), the format of the workshop was conducive to lively debates, where each topic - jurisdictional aspects, competition law aspects, findability of content, and protection of minors - was examined by a main speaker and a discussant, before the issue was put to the floor for further discussion.

The workshop demonstrated how relevant and important it is to bear in mind new types of actors when envisaging a reform of the European regulatory framework,” said Professor Cole.

Participants examined the interplay of horizontal (competition law) rules and sectoral instruments (such as the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, the Telecoms package and the E-Commerce Directive, which are currently all under review).  

Speakers underlined the importance of defending public interest values such as cultural diversity, media pluralism and the protection of minors in today's converged media environment. PSM are well placed to guarantee such values, although participants recognised that for PSM to continue holding this essential role in society, their access to platforms and the prominence of their services on user interfaces needs to be ensured.

A series of short interviews with the speakers will be made available on the website shortly.