NEWS published on 30 Nov 2015

EBU launches folk music initiative to mark COP21 climate talks

To coincide with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) conference, the EBU has launched a new project “Folk Music@Planet Earth” that uses music to draw attention to the issues being raised in Paris between 30 November and 11 December.

This compilation of folk, ethnic and world music submitted by almost two dozen EBU Members is now available for transmission by Euroradio Members and for streaming online.

Videos, artists' photos and statements on why they support caring for the climate can be accessed on the EBU's YouTube platform and shared via social media.

Going well beyond the boundaries of mere entertainment, this project is aimed at raising awareness of climate change and its consequences, and of the urgent need for all nations to take immediate and concerted action while there is still time.

The EBU's Media Director Jean Philip De Tender sponsored the project: "We can make a point with words, and we can have even a bigger impact with music. But music and words combined really makes the difference. That is why I'm such a fan of this project."

Another COP21 initiative Belgium’s “Sing for the Climate” is also being supported by EBU Members who have access free of charge to the international platform On the site individuals can find a karaoke version of a specially written song which they can then use to upload their own video of them singing it.

All Members are free to publicise and use local content for their output. So far more than 400,000 people from 27 different countries have taken part.

Dutch Member NPO have already got involved via their children’s programme “Zapp”. For more information contact

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