NEWS published on 06 Apr 2016

EBU set for first joint TV and Radio Assembly

The full agenda is now available for the very first EBU joint TV and Radio Assembly in Basel on 21-22 April.  Radio and television delegates will come together to explore issues which represent their shared interests.

EBU Members attending the inaugural Assembly wiill look at how public service media can gain credit and recognition for the contribution our services make to society.

Keynotes on the subject will be delivered by Petr Dvořák, Director General of Czech Television and Roger de Weck, the DG of Swiss Member SRG SSR.

Roberto Suarez Candel, Head of the EBU’s Media Intelligence Service will also present the EBU’s Contribution to Society Project, and introduce advocacy initiatives.

“We have a legacy of more than 90 years in radio and more than 60 years in television. We need to better promote our great work to all relevant stakeholders creating a different narrative for our audience, the government, media and those who will decide on our future,” said EBU Media Director Jean Philip De Tender ahead of the event.

“This joint Radio and Television Assembly in wonderful Basel is a great opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues and to make new plans.  As this Assembly will have a focus on Public Service Media advocacy, attendees will certainly leave for home energized with new plans, insights and action plans,” he added.

Alongside discussion of how organizations can best develop their advocacy for public service, the joint TV and Radio Assembly will also provide the opportunity to learn about programming which demonstrates the public purposes of EBU member organizations.

A selection of innovative cross-media productions from Members ERR (Estonia), RTS (Switzerland), RTBF (Belgium) and MTVA (Hungary) will also be showcased.

On April 21 the separate Television Assembly will look at the switch from traditional linear broadcasting to new digital platforms and how audiences consume content differently. Andy Thoms, from Google UK and Dan Biddle from Twitter UK will unveil their new digital strategies for traditional programming.

A keynote by RTE’s Glen Killane, Chairman of the EBU TV Committee will explain the TV Roadmap and the future strategy of Eurovision TV.

At the Radio Assembly, the same day, a keynote from Dutch media analyst Mezen Dannawi will be encouraging radio organizations to examine what they are uniquely equipped to deliver and play to those strengths.  

The Assembly will also look at how different organizations approach innovation and seek to maximize creativity, as well as sharing strong ideas to take away, including a new approach to podcasting and personalized music services.  The day also touches on analogue switch-off, commercial collaboration, responding to national tragedies, radio for refugees, new platforms and trends in car listening.  In addition, a new birdsong project from Irish Member RTE will be presented.

Colleagues wishing to attend can still sign up for the individual and joint assemblies using the links on this page..



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