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EBU showcases its Big Data Initiative at European Data Forum

05 July 2016
EBU showcases its Big Data Initiative at European Data Forum

Guillaume Klossa, Director of Public Affairs and Communications, presented the EBU’s Big Data Initiative at the 2016 European Data Forum in Eindhoven. The EBU was invited to initiate discussion on the role of media, which are central to the development of the European data economy.

Klossa, who heads up the EBU's Big Data Initiative, spoke about how media organizations can transform their business models and mindsets to strategically place themselves in the ever-growing data economy.

He went on to say that public service media (PSM), being at heart of European societies, have the potential to speed up the developments of the data-driven economy while fostering their public values. With ever-increasing personalization systems and narrow cast models, viewers are demanding customized media content with the risk of being trapped in isolating bubbles, always consuming similar content. PSM can therefore stand out from OTT media such as Netflix by combining personalization with discoverability and editorial curation.

However, to maintain a central role and remain competitive, “public service media organizations should break their conventions, go beyond their silos and develop a strategic approach towards big data.”

The EBU Big Data Initiative was launched with the purpose of guiding EBU Members through this necessary transformation. The initiative will not only facilitate exchange of knowledge and expertise, but also address the key challenges and opportunities with a comprehensive approach.

The European Data Forum is a the result of a collaboration between the European Commission, the Netherlands Presidency of the European Council, the Data Science Centre of Eindhoven and the Amsterdam Data Science Centre. The forum brings together industry professionals, researchers, policy makers, and members of community initiatives. This year's topic of debate was the “Scaling up the European Data Economy” and the relative challenges and opportunities of data-driven innovation in Europe.

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Michelle Roverelli

Director of Member Relations and Communications

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