NEWS published on 26 Oct 2016

30th Edition of Eurovisioni held in Rome

The 30th edition of Eurovisioni took place in Rome last week and looked at European Audiovisual reforms.

The opening seminar was organised by AGCOM, the Italian regulator, and looked at the European Commission’s proposal for a review of the Directive on Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS). EBU Director of Legal Richard Burnley joined representatives from the European Commission, ERGA and the Italian and French governments to discuss a more effective AVMS directive and how to create a ‘level playing field’ for new entrants to the market.

Burnley presented the EBU’s main legal positions with respect to the EU Digital Single Market Agenda, covering in particular the AVMS Directive, copyright, telecoms and competition law. He noted that the era of digital media presented many opportunities for broadcasting, in line with a move from the more traditional “mass media” model to the so-called “precision media” model tailored to the individual.

He said: “Nevertheless, in such an ‘individualised’ media ecosystem, with viewers sometimes plugged into a single digital ecosystem, media pluralism and the cohesion of society can be a victim. In that case, a properly funded and governed PSM can provide a solution.

“European PSM deserves a legal framework that allows it to breathe and innovate in the digital media markets, operating on a level playing field with vertically integrated global players for the good of European society.”On the second day, the Italian government presented the programme for the celebrations to mark the 60th Anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome establishing the European Economic Community. Minister Gozi announced that media and culture would be essential pillars of the celebrations.

Speaking at the event, EBU Director of Public Affairs and Communications Guillaume Klossa said: “We welcome the Italian government’s proposal to create a cultural pillar at the heart of the anniversary celebrations.”

“In this time of transition, with cultures fragmenting and dividing, we need PSM to play a key role in the cohesion and open-mindedness of European society. The EU must make education and culture a priority and invest more in developing co-productions, creating Erasmus style programmes, and putting the creative industries at the heart of the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.

The event also discussed the BBC’s new Royal Charter, the renewal of the Swiss Charter of SSR-SRG, and the renewal of RTS’s contract with the State.

Eurovisioni will have a second phase in Rome later this year.