NEWS published on 14 Dec 2016 • Department / Unit Communications

Slovenian and Albanian Members build partnership

RTSH Director General Thoma Gellci (left) meets with Acting Director General of RTVSLO Marko Fill

Albanian Member RTSH has just completed a two day study visit to their Slovenian colleagues RTVSLO in Ljublijana.

The visit, led by RTSH Director General Thoma Gellci, was aimed at exchanging experience and getting insight from a national public broadcaster that has successfully transformed itself like RTVSLO.

Managers exchanged information and ideas in areas such as internal structures and communication, digitization of production and archives, production of news, marketing and workflow.

Director General of RTSH Thoma Gellci said it was an excellent opportunity to build a partnership with another public broadcaster and get inspired by good practice.

Acting Director General of RTVSLO Marko Filli, who was recently appointed as a Member of the EBU Executive Board said that the Director Generals agreed to establish a relationship between their two organizations in the same format as the EBU's Peer to Peer reviews. They believe RTSH and RTVSLO are the closest and most similar broadcasters among the EBU Membership.

The study visit was organised in close cooperation with the OSCE Presence in Albania, who financed the visit, and in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the EBU, the OSCE Presence in Albania and RTSH.

Establishment of close cooperation between the two EBU members is also expected to be supported by the Delegation of the EU in Albania, which is planning a range of media projects including twinning for public service media in EU countries.




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