POLICY POSITION published on 15 Mar 2017

EBU amendments on the European Commission proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing the European Electronic Communications Code

EBU Members - public service media (PSM) organisations from across Europe - actively contribute to the success of Europe's electronic communications sector, as well as the take up of network connectivity with the development of new services, formats and technologies. They are major investors in high quality programming, news and documentaries. PSM spent 16.6 billion euros on programmes in the EU in 2014, of which 84% was on original content production.

The EU framework for electronic communications has a direct impact on the availability and quality of audiovisual media services. It provides EU Member States with regulatory tools to promote citizens’ access to content, and to prevent distortion or restriction of competition in the electronic communications sector. This review is an opportunity to confirm and modernise these tools, which ultimately support media pluralism and cultural diversity in the EU.

The EBU calls upon EU decision makers to maintain and update strong ex ante rules at EU level, that underpin end-user access to general interest content. These will remain vital for national legislators and regulators to ensure fair competition in concentrated communications markets and adequate access and interconnection as well as to provide guarantees for end-user connectivity. They are even becoming more important in an era when market concentration and vertical integration are reshaping today’s telecom and audiovisual sectors.