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EBU and REMA: helping early music spring up all over Europe

Stockholm Early Music Festival (Photo credit: Sarah Tehranian)

There's a party on 21 March, the day of the spring solstice, and Euroradio listeners are invited! For the fifth straight year, the European Network for Early Music (more commonly known by its French initials, REMA) is organizing the European Day of Early Music (EDEM).

The only association of its kind in Europe, REMA was founded in 2000 and now numbers some 75 member organizations in 20 countries. Among other things, it promotes the rediscovery and performance of early music in historically inspired interpretations and on period instruments.

Each year since 2013, the anniversary of Johann Sebastian Bach's birthdate has provided a welcome pretext to showcase performances of medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music throughout Europe and beyond, often by young talent, the stars of tomorrow in the early music field.

Euroradio is a media partner of the EDEM, which has been lavishly praised by the world's leading figures in early music. "Perhaps in this sad world we are living now," says William Christie, "culture is one of the things that could allow us to survive." Jordi Savall adds: "Like one of Dostoyevsky's characters, who says that 'beauty will save the world', we also believe in art which is useful to society."

The dozens of exciting concerts featured in the 2017 EDEM span the entire gamut of music before 1750. They include treasures of sacred music by Buxtehude and Di Lasso with the Academy Chamber Choir of Uppsala in Stockholm, and cantatas and concertos by Bach and Handel performed by the European Union Baroque Orchestra in York. Both these concerts will be offered as Members Selections live to EBU radio organizations via MUS, respectively under references SM/17/02/07/01 (Swedish Radio) and SM/17/02/20/01 (BBC).

The full programme of the 2017 EDEM can be found here.

The full video interviews of William Christie, Jordi Savall and other early music personalities are available here.



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