NEWS published on 27 Apr 2017 • Department / Unit Communications

VRT shares experience with Members in Montenegro and Georgia

Scheduling Meeting at RTCG

The EBU Partnership Programme has organized in-house workshops on programme scheduling at RTCG in Montenegro and GPB in Georgia.

Steve De Coninck-De Boeck, from Belgium Member VRT, shared his knowledge and know-how on programme scheduling strategies, the placement of new formats, prime time scheduling and the use of audience research.

De Coninck-De Boeck met with the Director Generals and management teams at RTCG and GPB to discuss best practices and lessons learned from VRT and other EBU Members in programme scheduling and programme promotion. Together they identified various opportunities for the development and reform of the programme schedules.

“I strongly believe that schedulers deserve a healthy level of independence in the decision making process. They have to take into account many elements and be in close contact with all parties and that creates the big picture you need to let programmes reach their target audience, as best as possible.

"I was impressed by the commitment, knowledge and innovativeness of EBU Members in Georgia and Montenegro and was glad to be able to share our knowledge and experience and inspire them in their reforms” says Steve De Coninck-De Boeck.

Media and Communications Director at GPB Tinatin Berdzenishvili (below) expressed her gratitude for the support from the EBU and VRT which was 'very informative and productive'.

GPB 2.jpg

The EBU Partnership Programme will further support the exchange and endeavours of Members to improve their programming and increase the audience of public service media. The next workshop will be planned with Albanian Member RTSH.

EBU Head of Member Relations, Eastern Europe, Radka Betcheva says: “We are here to foster solidarity, cooperation and exchange among Members. Our Union has a great history and professional experience which we can capitalize on. We should support each other to provide the best possible service to citizens”


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