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City Folk documentary series celebrates 20th anniversary

The 20th anniversary series of City Folk was presented at the meeting of the Eurovision Intercultural Diversity Group on 10 May, hosted by NRK in Oslo.

City Folk is a 25-minute documentary magazine series about modern, multicultural city life portraying a colourful patchwork of people living in major cities. ​In the past twenty years around 550 portraits have been produced in 31 countries and 62 cities. Each programme features three ordinary but outspoken city people - one with a foreign background - who are filmed for one day in their lives. 

This year’s series, "New Neighbours", consists of 7 episodes with portraits of inhabitants of the following cities: Zagreb (Croatia), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Mexico City (Mexico), Ljubljana (Slovenija) and Ponta Delgada (Portugal).

To celebrate the anniversary an 8-part Best Of series was also compiled which features a selection of the most remarkable portraits that were broadcast in the past 20 years. Highlights from the last two decades can be watched above.

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