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COPEAM Conference explores how media shapes behaviour

EBU VP Monica Maggioni (left) chairs a session at COPEAM

The 24th COPEAM (Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators) Annual Conference looked at the media's responsibility in shaping public behaviour, particularly in light of the complex social, political and economic framework in the Mediterranean region. 

The conference, which took place in Beirut from 11 to 13 May 2017 at the invitation of Télé Liban and its President Talal El Makdessi, was moderated by EBU Vice President and RAI President Monica Maggioni and introduced by former BBC Director of Radio and News Helen Boaden. The call for journalistic transparency, the verification of sources and the pressure, including political, on the media were the key issues covered by Boaden in her opening address.

The conference highlighted the importance of an independent media observatory, as recently promoted by the Anna Lindh Foundation who was represented at the Conference by Executive Director Ambassador Hatem Attallah. It also discussed the importance of constructive journalism in the face of the challenges - from terrorism to mass migration and economic problems - confronting the region.

An Award for best coverage of the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean region went to two news items from RAI and from Tunisia TV, both of which were distributed through the Eurovision News Exchange.

The final resolution, as stated by Secretary General Claudio Cappon was to: "appeal to a collaboration between new and traditional media, in particular the adoption of new forms and new languages for an alternative, plural and constructive narrative of the complex dynamics of the Mediterranean."

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