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World Broadcasting Unions pledge to help reduce the impact of disasters

30 May 2017
World Broadcasting Unions pledge to help reduce the impact of disasters

World Broadcasting Unions, represented by the EBU and the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, have joined other media organisations in signing a declaration pledging to help prevent disasters from occurring and to mitigate the impact of such catastrophies.

At a meeting of the UN Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, media organisations called on the contribution of the media to disaster risk reduction to be given proper acknowledgement for its key role in saving citizens' lives and livelihoods.

The media, in particular the broadcast media, has a vital role to play in reaching out to citizens and developing two-way communication on issues such as climate change. Similarly, during times of emergency, the media have critical responsibility in informing the public on behalf of governments, civil disaster relief agencies, humanitarian support organizations and community bodies.

Media organizations, at the meeeting in Mexico, reinforced their commitment to conveying life-saving disaster risk reduction information to the wider population, as well as sharing knowledge for action on climate change issues and sustainable development goals.

The Media Stakeholder Group Commitment is available to view here.

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