NEWS published on 10 Oct 2017

Polish Radio hosts discussion on big data and PSM

Photo: Wojciech Kusiński/Polskie Radio

EBU Legal's Jenny Weinand was at the 2nd European Radio Forum organised by Polskie Radio on 6 October in Wrocław, Poland. Speaking alongside Mariusz Staniszewski (Board Member of Polskie Radio), Graham Ellis (BBC Deputy Director of Radio) and Laurent Frisch (Radio France Director of Digital), her presentation outlined the EU legal framework for the protection of personal data and the EBU’s activities in this field.

She began by giving an overview of the General Data Protection Regulation, its scope of application and main principles before moving on to a presentation of the EBU's Big Data Initiative, focussing in particular on the "Big Data and Trust" work stream led by Senior Legal Counsel Anne-Catherine Berg.

The presentations were followed by a panel discussion moderated by Andrzej Garapich (TVP, Poland). In her interventions Jenny Weinand highlighted that compliance with data protection laws is an important first step, but that PSM should also take into account the ethical and social implications of big data in order to gain their users’ trust.

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