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EBU appeals to Montengrin Parliament to protect governance of PSM

15 November 2017
EBU appeals to Montengrin Parliament to protect governance of PSM

The EBU has appealed to the Montenegrin Parliament to protect the decision-making capacity of RTCG's Supervisory Council.

The Supervisory Council is the strategic decision making body of public service broadcaster RTCG and takes important decisions about investments, financial plans and the output of the broadcaster. 

If several members of the Council are recalled, it could leave it with less than the minimum number of seven members that it requires to function. The disabling of the Council would have a detrimental effect on RTCG and, not only hamper reforms at the broadcaster, but limit its ability to fulfil its remit to society.

RTCG is a valuable Member of the EBU. The EBU has been providing long-term strategic, professional and legal assistance for RTCG and its programme of reform and believes it is making progress in fulfilling its aims to inform, educate and entertain all segments of society in line with European standards and best practices.

The procedures initiated against some Members of the RTCG Supervisory Board may lead to a paralysis of the work of the Council and obstruct the continued development of the broadcaster. 

In these circumstances, the EBU has appealed to Parliament to refrain from any hasty decisions and wait until the completion of an independent inquiry into any alleged conflicts of interest concerning Council members. With judicial proceedings pending, the EBU hopes Parliament will suspend the procedure and wait for a Court decision.

EBU Director General Noel Curran said: "In any event, Parliament should take due care to maintain the minimum level of seven Council members at all times, which is of key importance for the proper functioning of the public service broadcaster, in particular in the run-up to elections next year."

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Radka Betcheva

Head of Member Relations Central and Eastern Europe